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Before founding immr, Phil was a partner with leading consulting firms and a marketing professor at Emory University and the University of Michigan. Kris Kolodziej is the founder and president of IndoorLBS, an advisory firm that published one of the first comprehensive reports on beacons. Patrick Leddy is the CEO and founder of Pulsate, an end-to-end marketing platform for real-world location. They provide a cloud platform and MicroBeacons that allow companies to turbocharge customer engagement. Ben Parker is a consultant working primarily with start-up and emerging growth companies with a focus on the mobile, wireless, and location services markets.

He is currently advising several companies in the beacon.

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Previously he was a vice president at Procon now Spireon and was a senior manager at inCode Consulting, a business strategy and technology consulting firm specializing in the telecommunications and technology markets. Ray has held leadership roles at several agencies that focus on OoH, including as. He holds an MSc in Finance from St. Johns University in New York. Unacast powers the worlds largest proximity network, enabling brands and retailers to retarget their customers based on offline behavior.

Jarno Vanto is a lawyer specializing in international data privacy law. He has authored a number of books on the subject and has been editor-in-chief and co-author of the International Privacy Guide. Jarno is an adjunct professor of law at Pace University School of Law and teaches a class on international business transactions. He heads the New York office of Borenius. David Young is the lead software engineer and technical manager at Radius Networks, where he has overseen numerous beacon deployments, the development of one of the first beacon registries, the definition of the AltBeacon standard, and design of beacons that support both iBeacon and Googles Eddystone standard.

Now he develops applications for various Apple OS platforms. Acknowledgments First, lets acknowledge you, the reader. Im more grateful than I can say that you are actually reading the acknowledgements I bet you read the credits at the movies too, am I right? Weve been thinking of you throughout the writing process and hope you have found the subject as interesting as we have and that you have embraced the rather rambling style we have adopted for the guide. Hopefully this book has armed you with enough facts and folklore that you feel qualified to create something new yourselves and to grow this beacosystem into something even more interesting.

Beacon Technologies door Stephen Statler, Anke Audenaert (Boek) -

So, if you have been, thanks for reading. One of the things that has made this volume special is that we managed to convince so many leaders of companies that are helping to develop the beacosystem to contribute chapters and talk about their respective areas of expertise. Its not like you all have a shortage of things to do, and goodness knows you arent doing it for the money.

Whats in a name? Quite a lot, really. It set the whole tone and premise for this book as a survival guide for people who want to dive into this proximity tech space. We hope The Hitchhikers Guide to the Beacosystem helps convey the magnitude of the subject and a sense of fun that is necessary for mental survival.

Beacon Technologies : The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Beacosystem

Life is short, and you might as well enjoy learning. So thanks have to go to Douglas Adams, who first borrowed the Hitchhiker name from serious books about backpacking and provided hours of happy reading and listening to me as a kid. Thanks also to Sean OSullivan, who coined the beacosystem term, for letting us take it out for a spin and returning it with only a few bumps and scrapes, as well as for the pointers he has provided, both through his own writing and his suggestions on the book.

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  • Likewise, to Aisle Labs, who completely by coincidence adopted the Hitchhiker part of the name for their excellent report on beacons, which is available on their web site. Thanks for sharing. This book originally started as a training course that we developed for our first-ever consulting client, Rick Belliotti, and his team at San Diego International Airport.

    SAN have gone on to create their own beacon-enabled app to help visitors navigate the terminals and track their baggage as they arrive at one of the worlds best airports. We look forward to writing about their app in the future. Dont forget to buy a Good Traveler carbon offset as you are flying to or from San Diego.

    If it werent for Paul Manasjan, who gave me the consulting task of developing that non-profit program, we wouldnt have been able to afford to pay the rent while taking the time to write this book. Thanks to all of Statler Consultings clients. We learn through doing. Its been a privilege to apply our knowledge to working on your challenges, be it talking with VCs and private equity firms about the best approach to investing in this space, working on business plans and patents for new ideas, or providing training to ramp up a team that is building new proximity services.

    The experience that convinced me that there was an audience for our book was reprising the course that our friends at SAN airport had piloted and seeing it blossom up in Silicon Valley with beacon vendors, chip vendors, software experts, as well as venues in the audience. We learned a lot of the things that are in this book while working on wireless and retail technology issues at Qualcomm.

    Thanks to everyone there who was part of that journey.

    Co-Founder & COO, Unacast

    Thanks to Irwin and Paul Jacobs for creating a unique environment that valued creativity and engineering, to Brian Dunphy who hired me at QCOM, to Rocco Fabiano, who put me in a position to explore the intersection of wireless,. On leaving Qualcomm, I didnt expect ever to see another beacon at close quarters, but Issac Babbs persuaded me that it was worth staying with it. He was right.

    I was reminded that writing could be fun thanks to David Kaplan and GeoMarketing, who have been a great publishing partner for the articles that preceded this book and who embraced the idea of mixing proximity marketing with Donald Trump, Arrogant Bastard beer, and arguments with your spouse.

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    Thanks also to Ludovic Privat, the co-founder, editor, and managing director of GPS Business News, for first picking up and publishing my blog articles. Staying in touch with the industry can be tough when you are working out of a home office. Fairbanks is a great therapy dog when a walk is called for to think things through, but hes really coasting when it comes to keeping up with the phigital news.

    Conversations at the water cooler tend to be about household chores rather than industry gossip. Before Apress agreed to be our publisher, Katy Loffmans Rights Solutions helped give us a kick in the right direction and Kenny Waldrons input provided a model of how a smart solution designer might respond to The Guide. Being born dyslexic is that how you spell it?

    Its only thanks to Jocelyn Statler, my Mum, and Derrick Crowe that the text is as intelligible as it are. Jo is a role model and has a level of patience and dedication that I can only aspire to. Derrick has gone way beyond the expected in his generous and extensive, detailed, and creative reviews.

    Beacon Technologies: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Beacosystem

    Its great to find someone with a sense of humor, feel for narrative flow, and a pedantic insistence that we get the words and letters in the right order. One of the best things about writing The Hitchhikers Guide to the Beacosystem was talking to entrepreneurs and subject matter experts about the projects that they have been working on and hearing the lessons they learned. Thanks to all of the SMEs subject matter experts and case study subjects for their generosity and the free beacons!

    This books expiry date has been significantly extended thanks to Proxbook. Thanks to Welmoed Spahrs team at Apress for giving us the latitude to do something out of the ordinary, subject-wise, with a crazy number of contributors, pictures, a quirky name, and an unorthodox mix of business and technical content.

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    The Hitchhiker project wouldnt have been picked up get it? Thank you to those of you who bought this book as a trophy for your book shelf but didnt read it. We appreciate the money, the shelf space, and dont consider you any the less for your lack of concentration or spare time. Chances are, dear non-reader, you bought our book because of the promotional video, which was created by our dear friend Don Rayner, whose rates are very reasonable, but are generally a lot more than what we paid in beer and hamburgers. Steve Statler.

    Preface Computers are bursting out of the metal boxes and machine rooms where they were born and are becoming embedded throughout the world in which we live. The communication technologies that enable what is called the Internet of Things extends their reach to appliances in our homes and the meters and valves that regulate the flow in our heating, power, and water systems. The outputs have evolved way beyond the original paper printouts we used.