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China has singled out Japan for its shifting security policies and lambasted titled “China's National Defense in the New Era,” comes amid Beijing and “A strong military of China is a staunch force for world peace, stability.

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Pale yellow liquid and upper respiratory system. Laryngeal spasms. Symptoms of cyanidc Wash exposed skin with soaphater. Rx:Amy1 nitrate. Exposed patients should be monitond far potanial bone marcow dkcts. Severe skin bums and mucosa damage. Exposure to concentration can cause pulmonary edema.

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Vapor pressure 8. Pnwide oxygen.

Boiling point 'F 3. Autoignition temperature 2. I97"F 4. Bnmchodilatm may be helpful. Molecular weight Blologiccll monitoring: Baseline medical data before entry.

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Always consider hour medical observation if exposed to concentrations greater than 2, ppm. Glottal edema, dyspnea, chemical pneumonitis may occur hours after the exposure. Complete assessment of the respiratory system and mucosB is recommended before entry and during follow-up procedures. Protect 0. I miles downwind. Liquid Gas 71 Large spill Isolate feet in all directions. Dqytime Protect 0. Remwe patient fFom danger.

Vapor density Solid 2. Remwe contaminated clothing. Flesh point NA Odoc Sour, pungent odor 3.


Autoignition tempuatun NA 4. Solubility Soluble 8ynonymr:Ammonium salt, nitram 5. Observe for and rnat vasogenid shock by positioning Specific gravity Solid and giving fluids. Boiling paint Solid 6. Antidote is methaline blue given IV.

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Molecular weight' Flash point ND gas Odor: Mild garlic-like odor 2. If SOB give oxygen and srrppoa respirations. Autoignition Decomposes 3. Biologioal monkorlng: Follow-up medical exams should concentrate on respiratory,kidney, and liver function. If the patient was hypoxic for an extended periodexam should evaluate CNS. Daytime Protect 1. Autoignition temperature I. Solubility Insoluble 3. Wash exposed skin with soaplwater. If SOB give oxygen and support respirations.

Observe and treat seizures with IV diazapam. Monitor and treat dysrhythmias. Biological monitoring: Follow-up medical exams should include EKG, urinalysis, BUN blood urea nitrogen , creatine, liver function, arterial blood gas, blood level of benzene and phenol, urinary phenol. Exposed persons should be monitored for hours for cardiac dysrhythmias and 72 hours for late onset of pneumonitis.

Benzene is a carcinogen and causes potential bone marrow effects. These agents will be difficult to recognize, identify, and treat. N- Nose: Rhmorrhea dimethylphosphoramidmyanidate , Eyes:Constricted pupils, lacrimation. Decontaminate immediately. Maintain an open airway and give 4. Somatic: Weakness, fasciculations, Primaryentry: Skin 4.

Give mg atropine lVF' every 5 minutes. Give 1 km pralidoxime over 2 minutes. Prepare to give Valium for seiflues. Monitor patient and suction as needed. Primaryentry: Skin. For thc most part nerve agents arc clear, colorless. They a s found in liquid fcm with low vapor pressurn and viscosity ranging from water-like to motor oil-thick. The most volatile of the group is sarin. Thcse agcnts can enter through all mutcK, but inhalation causcs the most rapid effects. These agents work by binding with the enzyme acctylcholinesteme, allowing the neurotransmitteracetylcholine to overstimulate nerve pathways.

The nerve pathways affected by acctylcholine are primarily IocatLd in the pmasyrnpthctic nervous system, hut are also found in the central and somatic system. Phosgeneoxime CX Eixtrampain. Maintain an open airway and give If needed upper airways can be dilated using alupent ar al Both phosgene oxime and Lcwisitc vaporize more readily than mustard making them more of a respiratory hazard.

Decontnmination must take place immediately. The use of soap and water is recommendedf a all decontaminationefforts. A bleach solution can be u.

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Decuntarninatc immcdiiltely. Maintain an upcn airway and give I respiratory irritation. The most commonly used chemical asphyxiant is cyanide. Cyanide is used for heat treating and plating, fumigation, and chemical synthesis in the production of plastics.

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