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As usual, we got to talk about McGee and the ladies. But of course the ole Sea Cock nails her right after that. What lady could resist his charms even in those circumstances? After the cops show up he follows her lead in not asking that charges be filed because that's always the best play in domestic abuse.

Yeah, yeah.

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I know. Simpler times.

When a female just had to expect to take a really solid shot to the mouth every once in a while. Then she immediately falls apart after the funeral director leaves. There, there, little girl. Daddy Travis is here to take care of everything. Way to look out for the sister of your dead friend, McGee. The Sea Cock scores again! In Travis's view this is the wrong decision. View all 57 comments. It darkens all skies" - John D. It is right in the middle of MacDonald's McGee years , published in It is weird to think this book is as old as I am.

I both feel old and young. It has some of the best McGee traits plot, maxims, villans, etc and worst sexism in all its varieties and shades. I keep on going back to it bein "Guilt is the most merciless disease of man. I keep on going back to it being a product of its time, but ye gads, I really hope the 70s weren't that bad. It isn't that great now really. I guess the part that bothers me the most about it is how flagerent and contrived it was.

Lee Child on Travis McGee

Anyway, if it wasn't for the lazy sexism, it might have been 5-stars. Still, it is one of my favorite McGee novels, even with the women-in-peril and Travis the healing sex god. I'm also not sure what happened, but MacDonald was popping out a Travis McGee novel at the rate of one or two per year in the decade from , but his next McGee novel after this one took him four years. Not that it is important, I just noticed. The Travis McGee novels are most successful on a pure entertainment level when there is a mystery to solve or a chain of events to uncover. Here there are both.

Assured that the money is rightfully hers and not stolen, McGee is asked to keep it safe for a month. Two weeks later Carrie dies as a victim of an unwitnessed hit-a The Travis McGee novels are most successful on a pure entertainment level when there is a mystery to solve or a chain of events to uncover.

Two weeks later Carrie dies as a victim of an unwitnessed hit-and-run. A couple of questions need answers: who killed her if she was murdered and where did the money come from?

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But first. Part of what made total eradication impossible, even in the face of changing times and sensibilities, was the first person narrative of a womanizer and self-professed beach bum. They still became involved with him because he is the hero--it is a staple of the genre, after all--but now there were conflicting motives and underlying vulnerabilities; there were reasons beyond the expectations of the form. But Lemon has one scene that is unforgivable in any era.

McGee stands by as a blithering housewife is slapped to the floor. His response? The rest of the novel works to perfection. An intriguing setup allows McGee and Meyer to dive right into the characters and their lives and relationships. Though Carrie was a little older than her friends, most of them are the remnants of the hippie generation. His houseboat, which McGee brought with him to the seaside town, gives him an initial in with them. An incidental encounter upon his arrival helps with other residents.

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  4. Not an un interesting thing follows. The Dreadful Lemon Sky delivers on mystery, character, drama, action and romance.

    The Dreadful Lemon Sky Audiobook | John D. MacDonald |

    There are story reasons for this, too, but it may wear on some. Not for long, though. There are still revelations to come and a final altercation, which is where the novel takes its name. View 2 comments. Thank you.

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    Travis continues to feel his age, and again ends in hospital more than once. His powers of recovery are truly astounding, lucky for us. The body count is pretty high here, but without much gore. As usual, there are strong and confident women in the book, an aspect of 4. As usual, there are strong and confident women in the book, an aspect of John D. MacDonald that I really love. Travis and Meyer are in Bayside, Florida to investigate the death of an old friend. Most of the story takes place in Bayside, Florida Full size image here Notes and quotes.

    No pictures particularly relevant in this book. He does not approve of chili unless the tears are running down his cheeks while he eats.

    Series: Travis McGee

    His specialty, Meyer's Superior Cocktail Dip, is made with dry Chinese mustard moistened to the proper consistency with Tabasco sauce. The unsuspecting have been known to leap four feet straight up into the air after scooping up a tiny portion on a potato chip. Strong men have come down running and gone right through the wall when they missed the open doorway. Just like it will keep on after you're dead. The usual eruption of sick, sad, violent events continued throughout the nation and the world, like an unending, eternal string of those little Chinese firecrackers called ladyfingers. It was a day of almost stagnant air.

    The wind had been moving steadily from north to south, bringing to Florida's east coast all the stained and corrosive crud of Birmingham and the rest of the industrial South. The horizons were whiskey-stained, and the sky above was a pallid saffron instead of blue. The bleared sun made harsh studio lighting on the parking lot scene. There wasn't any other choice. Sometimes it is a relief not to have a choice. I will have to get Meyer to explain this concept to me. View all 4 comments. This was my first reading of John MacDonald's work and please don't ask me why because I don't know.

    This book was published in and reads as a still current novel.

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    I love the Travis McGee character. I now will need to start with this series from the beginning. Would highly recommend this book, series and author to others that enjoy Florida P. View all 3 comments. Some of the titles are just so great. The Dreadful Lemon Sky is such a title. It stirs the imagination. The Travis McGee tales are a real different kind of mystery series. For another thing, he seldom has a client or a rational reason for sticking his nose in. The impetus here is a late night visitor who leaves a parcel with him no, not the Maltese Falcon and disappears, only to be reported deceased two weeks later.